1st Anniversary gift to ‘Wow’ her – March ’17

by audrey

Congratulations on getting married last year. But before you relax too much, the fast approaching 1st anniversary needs to be as memorable as your wedding. The perfect 1st anniversary gift will help you sweep your wife off her feet. In case you are wondering what gift will wow her, here is an idea that will take your game to the next level. 

A bespoke wedding dress illustration! “What?” I hear you ask?

Wedding Dress Ink creates bespoke fashion illustrations capturing a bride’s signature wedding day style from her figure and flair to the fine details of her wedding dress using Indian ink on watercolour paper.

“I gave my wife the illustration on our 1st anniversary and to say it was well received would be a massive understatement. I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction, she absolutely loves it and I’ve been getting heaps of praise from everyone for giving her such a thoughtful gift. It now takes pride of place in our hall so that anyone who visits us will see it.” Liam – Co. Galway (1st anniversary surprise gift)

Ladies are emotional beings, and giving this sentimental 1st anniversary gift will let the magical memories of your wedding day flood back. This unique anniversary gift will certainly remind her of the romantic man she married.

Did you know ‘paper’ is the traditional symbol for the 1st anniversary gift?

Wedding Dress Ink creates bespoke wedding dress illustrations so a bride can remember with a glance how gorgeous and feminine she looked on her wedding day, her unique style and how she stands apart.

Who else has one?

These illustrations have been given as wedding gifts to famous names like international rugby player Jonathon Sexton and former Miss World Rosanna Davison, and so you can honour your wife by commissioning a bespoke wedding dress illustration, especially made just for her. 

vintage wedding dress captured in ink by Wedding Dress Ink

Vintage wedding dress captured in ink by Wedding Dress Ink

Quality of Illustration 

The attention to detail in transforming your wedding day photographs into an stylish fashion illustration will incredibly transfer the memories into a framed piece of art that will make a mark in your lives. Use of the artist quality watercolour paper and premium Indian ink ensures the best quality outcome that is unique and admirable. 

“Audrey, you made my wife’s day. She loves it! Well done on a brilliant job. Thanks a million. Her dream dress is saved forever.” Gary – Co. Wicklow  (wedding anniversary surprise)

The illustration is not just a piece of art but a gift that is steeped in emotion and the beautiful feelings surrounding the celebration of your wedding day and anniversary. This special ‘paper’ 1st anniversary gift will definitely evoke those feelings of love and romance as soon as she sets her eyes on it.

The Process 

All you need to do is to place an order four weeks ahead and then kick back and relax.  Wedding Dress Ink artist, Audrey Vance will ensure your illustration is made to order and sent to you in time for your magical anniversary. Audrey prides herself on always meeting her delivery dates, 100%. 

How do you order?

The ordering process is simple. You pick a package, mounted ready for framing yourself OR framed ready for hanging. Then you pay securely and submit around 10 photographs of your wife’s wedding dress and accessories.

Audrey will do the rest and you can take the fully deserved credit for being thoughtful and romantic. You will be giving her the best 1st anniversary gift with this surprise. If other wives’ reactions are anything to go by, you’ll have picked a winning gift! 

Timing is crucial, and so please make sure you give the order at least four weeks prior as mentioned, feel fee to order or email earlier to secure your date. 

Custom packaging for Wedding Dress Ink

Custom packaging for Wedding Dress InkConclusion 

Your 1st anniversary is a very special event that deserves all the effort and here we can take the hassle out of finding that special gift by ordering this fantastic wedding dress illustration. It is a sentimental gift that brings to life your wedding memories again and is the perfect gift to wow her. So don’t look any further for your ‘paper’ gift, place an order today.

Thank you,

Audrey Vance

Wedding Dress Ink

Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland



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