5 Top Tips: Planning the Perfect Wedding Anniversary

by audrey

Wedding anniversaries come around once a year, one special day on which you and your better half can dedicate your time to each other. A day to celebrate the past, the present and the future

With this one day in the calendar year to truly celebrate each other, it should be perfect, whatever that means to you. It becomes even more interesting when there is a surprise involved. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume it’s the man. YES, I’m a firm believer that chivalry isn’t dead just yet!

Well, whoever is planning the wedding anniversary, here are 5 Top Tips to get you on the right path to your best anniversary yet.

Tip #1: Alone time

Children are a blessing and if you have them you will know how precious alone-time can be. Now, I know you love them very much, but remember 
for just one day, evening or night it would be amazing to lavish some special time just on each other. Simply organise the babysitter, mother-in-law or dog sitter in advance so you can then arrange some fun time together. You might even take a day off work, making time for each other is how you keep the love alive.

Tip #2: The Invitation

Build anticipation with an invitation. And YES I mean an old-fashioned paper invitation – not a text filled with imogi images! So, no matter what you have planned, surprise or not, invite her to join you with her own personalised invitation. Go a step further and use your wedding invitation as the inspiration for the card. These kind of details don’t go unnoticed!

Tip #3: The Actual Occasion

Now with some time set aside for your wedding anniversary date, what are you going to do? Naturally going out for dinner comes to mind. However, before you speed-dial your favourite local restaurant, first consider taking a moment to be creative. Spend a couple of minutes really thinking about your other half and what your spouse might like. 
Is she into learning new recipes and begging you to try an Italian cooking class or trying new wines at a wine class? Is she adventurous and tried to take you on a river kayak followed by a picnic? Does she need to relax with a spa treatment followed by an ice-cream on the beach. If she’s sporty and used to enjoy horse-ridings then book a lesson for two and watch her face light up. Does she love salsa dancing?
Do something that stands out.

Tip #4: It’s all in the Detail

If you want your wedding anniversary to be magical then think about all the little things you already know about her that makes her happy. Music: have her favourite songs ready to play in the car if you are driving somewhere. Scent: have her favourite candles lit when she gets home or even bring them with you to the hotel. Flowers: maybe choose some from her wedding bouquet to have on the bedside locker. Chocolates or jellies, fill a little jar for the car ride home and remind her that you know her sweet tastes. Nothing sets the mood for romance like getting the details right.

Tip #5: The Grand Gesture

Whatever you’re going to gift your spouse let it be relevant to your relationship. A good rule of thumb is that the theme of the gift should revolve around your first meeting or something just as significant. It could be your first kiss or when you proposed. If you need help figuring out a way of giving a unique gift that incorporates thoughtfulness, romance and is wedding related, you may consider Wedding Dress Ink. Commission a one-off fashion illustration of your wife’s wedding dress, a way of reminding her of her at a glance of her fabulous figure, unique flair and her stand out ‘red carpet’ moment… her wedding day.
If you follow all or some of these steps you are guaranteed an anniversary you will both remember forever. Depositing brownie points in the bank, creating new memories for the future and establishing new traditions for you both to treasure.

Good luck with planning the perfect wedding anniversary.

Written by Irish artist, Audrey Vance of Wedding Dress Ink, who’s in the business of creating bespoke anniversary gifts since 2014. Email audrey@weddingdressink.com or call 086-8036914 to find out more!

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2 thoughts on “5 Top Tips: Planning the Perfect Wedding Anniversary

  1. Tracy moore

    What a beautiful idea. I’d love to get my dress done. How much would it cost?
    Many thanks

    1. audrey Post author

      Hi Tracy,

      I’m just after finding your lovely message, apologies for the slow response!!

      Wedding Dress Ink is just about the launch a new range of ‘sketch’ options starting at €150 but the ink paintings are €295 (with the 3 layers of black ink painted around the dress).

      If you are interested in pursuing a bespoke fashion illustration of your wedding dress please email me at audrey@weddingdressink.com or call me 086-8036914

      I’d be delighted to chat to you.

      Thank you,



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