Amazing customer comments! October 2013

by audrey

A mother of two girls, living not far from where I grew up, secretly ordered two illustrations for her girls. The gifts were opened over the weekend on the mother’s 35th wedding anniversary at a Sunday family gathering. Here is what I received by email on Monday…

“OMG! The girls were over the moon, they couldn’t get over how beautiful their dresses looked! It’s fair to say a tear or two were shed! You did a fantastic job, thank you SO much.”

wedding dress illustration

Another email I received this week was from a Galway man who ordered a bespoke illustration for his wife to commemorate their first wedding anniversary. I believe they were away for the anniversary so with no comments coming back for a while after delivery I have to say I was starting to wonder if she liked her gift. However, this email arrived yesterday…

“Hi Audrey,

Sorry for the delay getting this to you. I gave (my wife) the portrait on our anniversary and to say it was well received would be a massive understatement. I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction, she absolutely loves it and I’ve been getting heaps of praise from everyone for giving her such a thoughtful gift. It now takes pride of place in our hall so that anyone who visits us will see it.”

wedding dress illustration of  stunning lace train on this princess dress

Having originally heard me being interviewed on Newstalk back in March a lovely lady decided it was the perfect gift to give her sister as a first wedding anniversary. Timing was tight but I got the illustration completed on time and hand-delivered to her office. With the illustration already gift-wrapped I showed the buyer a photo of the gift she would be giving. The sister who received the framed painting was so happy she emailed me herself…

“Hi Audrey,

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful painting of my wedding dress! It was a wonderful surprise to come home to yesterday morning, after spending our first anniversary in New York! I was so overwhelmed with excitement and then emotion, as I pulled back on the beautiful red satin ribbon, not knowing what lay beneath the crisp white tissue paper. A truly magical gift to receive on our first anniversary and I really appreciate all that you and my sister did in creating such a masterpiece. You captured every magical moment of my wedding day in your artwork and you brought back so many wonderful memories of me wearing my dress on my wedding day, so thank you so much.”

Thank you to ALL the customers over the last amazing six months you have ALL given wonderful feedback – without exception.

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