Audrey Vance of Wedding Dress Ink on LMFM radio – July 25th 2013

by audrey

LMFM Radio broadcasts to the Louth and Meath region of Ireland, reaching deep into all the surrounding counties too. With a great following of young and old, wasn’t I only thrilled to be invited onto their airwaves by the jolly afternoon presenter, Gerry Kelly.

In my teenage years (while living outside of Dundalk), friends and I all listened to the soothing sounds of Radio Romance, a late night slot with Michael Gerard on LMFM. How marvellous it was to be invited to chat on this radio station that holds such fond memories for me.

To listen in read on…

Audrey Vance with a Wedding Dress Ink illustration at LMFM with radio presenter Gerry Kelly

Arriving at the Drogheda-based radio station I was promptly bustled into Gerry’s studio just as he put on a track for his listeners. Immediately he put me at ease and quickly I realised he had really done his homework on me and my business, Wedding Dress Ink. With Gerry’s Masters in Business, it was lovely to hear that he thought I had a “cracking idea” with Wedding Dress Ink.

With an interesting introduction to Wedding Dress Ink, Gerry launched into lots of questions, eager firstly to let his wide listenership know that I was originally from County Louth. His questions coaxed me to tell everyone about how Wedding Dress Ink started, how the wedding dress illustrations are created in pen and ink, how they look, how they’re finished with layers of black Indian Ink, where I’ve shipped to so far and how anyone interested can visit my website or Facebook page to see the picture gallery for themselves.

The nerves that bubbled to the surface while driving up from Bray, Co.Wicklow immediately disappeared once we were on air and luckily I was able to enjoy the chat with this lovely presenter. Thankfully Gerry was kind enough to email me a copy of our interview, I have to admit I really couldn’t remember what I’d said and importantly how I came across!

Click here to hear the interview >>> AudreyVance-on LMFM

NOW, I’ll let YOU be the judge of my radio interview!!!

Thanks Gerry Kelly of LMFM, enjoyed the show.

Warm regards,

Audrey Vance

Wedding Dress Ink


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