Audrey Vance of Wedding Dress Ink

Paper is the symbol for the first wedding anniversary gift. Show your wife how beautiful you thought she looked on your wedding day by commissioning a truly one-off paper present from Wedding Dress Ink.


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Wedding dress portraits are a unique and beautiful gift for a bridesmaid to give to her friend, a mother to give to her daughter or a husband to give to his wife on a special wedding anniversary.

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Placing an order is easy…

Step 1. Pick a sketch or ink painting

Step 2. Upload photographs showing the wedding dress.

Step 3. Upon receipt show it off to all friends and family!

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“Looking for the perfect gift for a new bride? You can’t get more WOW than a beautiful creation from Irish illustrator Audrey Vance of Wedding Dress Ink. Send her a few pictures of the bride in her wedding dress and she creates the most beautiful bespoke piece of art, capturing the gown in all its elegance.” Irish Country Living Magazine

A custom wedding dress portrait is illustrated by the artist on watercolour paper from your wedding day photographs to create a unique wedding present or special first wedding anniversary ‘paper’ gift. If you don’t have access to good photographs a Gift Voucher will allow the bride to send us her own personal favourites. More details available on in the Shop of each individual product.