When getting married, I wish I’d known… July ’14

by audrey

Even though I’d been a bridesmaid three times, here are the things I wish I’d known, when getting married

… That no matter what our simple ideas for a simple wedding were, I’d get sucked into all the weird and wonderful wedding stuff eventually. It even started early when, instead of the texted invite we’d discussed, I set about individually making all my invitations. I was setting the ‘tone’ of the day with imported Japanese paper on my hand-made cards!

Photography: Gary Belcher

Audrey got married in Tankardstown House, Ireland 2009

… That shopping for your wedding dress is personal and probably bringing one trusted person would have been better. The first time I tried on a wedding dress I had five friends, along with the shop girl, waiting for me to emerge from the cramped dressing room, each with their own opinion. Taking into account I have since become a bridal fashion illustrator, it’s amazing to me now that I didn’t give the dress shopping experience more consideration.

… That if I’d waited a year or two Pinterest could have inspired even more personalisation.

… That I probably needed to follow a better check list. As with other last minute things, the night before my wedding I realised, upon arrival, my florist hadn’t fully understood my instructions. I wasted two hours waiting for the centre pieces and the bouquet to be adjusted. It meant missing out on the pre-wedding meal with my family. A simple chat with the florist earlier in the week would have revealed the problem.

… That the photographer leaving early meant no atmospheric shots of the partying, table decor, dancing, dinner gatherings etc. Can’t have enough photos.

… That making a speech to thank people isn’t the scariest thing in the world, instead it was a missed opportunity.

Wedding venue, Tankardstown House

Wedding venue, Tankardstown House

… That the piano player was going to be such a great hit. It always makes me smile to think of that part of the night, as our lovely musician (Declan Seery) passionately belted out our favourite Billy Joel hits and anything else requested.

… That getting around every guest, for a good chat is practically impossible, so just enjoy the ones you sit beside.

… That taking Neurofen for my long suffering feet before going to bed on an empty stomach isn’t the best of ideas. After going to bed at 4am I was up two hours later looking around for anyone to chat to. Luckily my sister was in the lounge feeding her new-born and we ordered an early breakfast.

… That no matter how much planning goes into the big day, it will never go perfectly. Thankfully I’d been warned in advance and was able to enjoy everything instead of getting hung up on the small things.

Signing the dotted line... we're married

Signing the dotted line… we’re married

… My husband. He would be the best life-long gift to come out of our wedding, my best memory and best friend.


Author: Audrey Vance

Fashion Illustrator & Owner of Wedding Dress Ink


One thought on “When getting married, I wish I’d known… July ’14

  1. Ruth Conefrey

    The best advice we got about planning our wedding was from a priest; he said “things will go wrong, so the less extras you plan, the less there is to go wrong!”
    We adopted that as our mantra, and as my mum was undergoing cancer treatment at the time, we kept everything very low key (although, there was an excel spreadsheet involved). It was a very relaxed day with no fuss and definitely one of the best days in our lives.


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