MY wedding dress illustration

by audrey

The very first wedding dress illustration I did was of my own Tadashi ivory, cocktail-style dress – as you may have read from ‘the artist’ page on my website. It was the beginning of a process that has lead me here.

Although that first wedding dress illustration was the inspiration for my new business Wedding Dress Ink, my style has changed a lot. Still the same idea of ink on watercolour paper but the attention to detail has increased, the proportions have become more elegant and the style more identifiable.

Want to see me on my wedding day?


Pictured here before the wedding with my sister, her new daughter who was only a few months old and my brother-in-law.

Recently I got around to re-illustrating my wedding dress portrait for a photo shoot back in my original wedding venue Tankardstown House, in County Meath. And here is the new Tadashi wedding dress portrait of the dress I wore for my wedding…