ONLY 2 PLACES left from today Dec 8th – order now and make Christmas 2018 very special! I can’t wait to create something very special for you to give on Christmas morning! 

First come, first served. Refunds will be made immediately to anyone whose order I can’t fit in and refunded within 24 hours of making the booking. A Waiting List is available once my order book if full and I usually get a couple of extra ones done too :)) If in doubt please feel free to send an email to or call 086-8036914

Step 1. Pick the illustration style you think she’ll love – framed or not.

Step 2. Provide images when prompted.

Step 3. Kick back and I’ll do the rest!


Created using pen on watercolour paper, these distinctive fashion sketches capture the amazing details of a bride’s wedding day style. Each made-to-order sketch is highly detailed and includes the bouquet and shoes. The white background of the paper gives an elegant, crisp finish . Click on the images to see more…


Three layers of black Indian ink are meticulously painted in the background allowing the wedding dress to almost ‘glow’ from the watercolour paper. Each made-to-order painting is highly detailed and includes the bouquet and shoes. Click on the images to see more…


Beautifully boxed and presented, each one is hand finished with organza ribbon. A beautiful gift to receive for an Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding Day or Christmas surprise.