Photo Guide

Painting with shoes
Are you wondering what type of photos are required by the artist to create your bespoke Wedding Dress Ink illustration?

It’s simple!

Ideally we are looking for 10 -15 photos of the wedding dress on the bride from her wedding day.

  • High resolution, over 1MB per photo where possible.
  • Colour photos are much better than black n’ white.

The most desirable pictures are a selection of photos that show off the wedding dress in full. Understanding the structure and details of your wedding dress allows Audrey to pick the best angle to show it off perfectly in your illustration.

Ideally, here is what your artist would like to get: CLICK TO ENLARGE

If you feel some important details are missing, like the shoes for example simply take the wedding shoes out of their box and take a new photo or two on your phone! Do the same with the wedding dress or necklace.

The photos above were perfectly staged – you pick the best from what you have.

Photo Guide – here’s what we’d like to get:

  • Full-length front view 
  • Full-length side view
  • Full length back view
  • Close-up of dress details – neckline, belt, sleeves, beading, lace, hems etc
  • Walking down the aisle – great to see the wedding dress in motion!
  • Bouquet, top and side view
  • Shoes, front and side view
  • Close up of a necklace (if worn)

And don’t forget: high resolution, colour images please.

They allow me to zoom in and capture the finest details!

Your artist, Audrey Vance, is really excited to see your photos and will be happy to give you feedback promptly.

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By the way, Audrey would love to know who the designer is or where it was bought – if you know!