Traditional Anniversary Gifts: 1-10 years sorted with Irish-Designed Gifts

by audrey

A wedding anniversary is a milestone always worth celebrating and who doesn’t love celebrating? Research even shows that that marking special anniversaries can actually strengthen relationships.

We’ve all heard of the term ‘Wedding Season’ being used to describe the summer months, well that also means it’s ‘Anniversary Season’ too!

Did you know… August 7th is one of the busiest day’s of the Irish wedding calendar year? Also, July and August combined are the busiest wedding months with 25% of Irish couple choosing these sunshine months to tie the knot.

Celebrating an anniversary can be an opportunity to create new memories and lifelong traditions. It’s one day you can make your spouse feel really special.  

So, although your anniversary might be a little bit away putting some thought into celebrating will make it all the more special. 

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Most people are aware that significant wedding anniversaries such as the 40th and 50th’s are linked with precious gems or metals, in this case like ruby and gold.

However, a little less well known is that lots of anniversaries have symbols and here we’ve listed the first 10, with a fresh take on some modern Irish gift ideas.

1st Anniversary symbol – ‘Paper’


Possibly the most romantic anniversary of all, the 1st anniversary needs a thoughtful gift to match. A bespoke fashion illustration capturing a bride’s wedding day style is a very romantic way of reminding a bride of her unique flair, figure and red carpet moment. Wedding Dress Ink artist, Audrey Vance creates these amazingly detailed illustrations from her Wicklow-based studio using watercolour paper and ink. Each one is lovingly made-to-order, you simply email the artist photos of the bride and allow 4 weeks. Cost €295 
1st anniversary gift for her

2nd Anniversary symbol – ‘Cotton’


What could be nicer than fresh bed linen? Irish company White and Green source their organic and fair-trade cotton from India, creating 300 thread count luxury sheets that wash and iron beautifully time and time again. Designs are timelessly simple. Double duvet set €159 


 3rd Anniversary symbol – ‘Leather’

 There are beautiful leather bound notebooks available to mark this symbol, I know, but a lifetime gift would be this stunning leather unisex travel bag. Created by Co. Kildare-based company De Bruir’s, the craftsmanship, styling and quality is exquisite. They use a two tone aesthetic in a polished equestrian leather. Two sizes €590 – €610


4th Anniversary symbol – ‘Fruit/Flowers’


For even less money than a bunch of flowers… yes I said less, why not consider choosing from the amazing range of luxury fruity handmade soaps available from Co. Cork craft maker Mianra Soaps. There are so many delightful options to pick from and they’ll last a lot longer than flowers. Perhaps try the Amber Plum soap, described as an oriental blend of tangerine, orange and plum with notes of clove resting on a sensuous base of amber and vanilla. Cost €7.50


5th Anniversary symbol – ‘Wood’ 

 I’ve gone for a duo of ideas here, as they compliment each other beautifully. The first is a personally inscribed Irish wood cheese board with bog oak cheese knife made in the Celtic Roots Studio in Co. Westmeath. Cost €75.90 

To add a ‘cheesy’ twist, it’s been matched with ‘The Big Cheese Making Kit’ available from Dublin shop Designist. It’s a bit of fun especially if you are married to a foodie, it makes 10 batches of cheese and you only need to add milk! Cost €25 


6th Anniversary symbol – ‘Candy/Iron’


Chocolate is described as ‘food for the gods’ and is one of life’s earthly pleasures. We use it to melt, dust, dip, dribble and coat. There are a few Irish luxury confectionery makers that come to mind but maybe you might try Irish Belgian chocolate maker Chez Emily based in Co. Dublin, who ship worldwide. ‘Candy’, otherwise known as confectionery in Ireland is certainly a treat worth doing well. A box of 24 is €15.95 


7th Anniversary symbol – ‘Wool/Copper’


For the outdoors couple who wish to picnic in style or equally for the chic homeowners take a look at this throw. Made from 97% Irish Zwartable wool and 3% Irish white wool for the four white stripes to represent the distinctive markings of the zwartable sheep. The Zwartable Travel Rug has unisex appeal. Cost €170 


8th Anniversary symbol – ‘Pottery/Bronze’


How about his n’ hers mugs from Arran St East pottery studio in Dublin? Described as architectural mugs, there are two shapes in each set – in and out – and are inspired by the colours of the Dublin’s Victorian Fruit and Vegetable Market. So simply pick your favourite colour – cabbage, potato, pomegranate lemon or pink grapefruit and enjoy. Cost €33 


9th Anniversary symbol – Willow/Pottery

Ireland has a long history of willow craft making. Joe Hogan has been making his durable, award-winning, natural willow baskets at Loch na Fooey, Co. Galway since 1978. Author, teacher, artistic collaborator and traditional basket maker, Joe makes is baskets to order. They are a lifetime addition to any home.


10th Anniversary symbol – ‘Tin / Aluminium’


Well, what else can come to mind but yes, you guessed it… a tin whistle! It’s certainly very Irish and we all played them in school right? But did you have a pink one? Possibly made cool by Andrea Corr, the humble tin whistle would certainly be a surprising 10th anniversary gift. This pink Feadog tin whistle comes in the Key of “D” with a fingering chart and International instruction sheet with several songs to get you started. Cost €6.95 


All these Irish-designed beautiful traditional anniversary gifts can be shipped worldwide.

Good luck choosing a the perfect traditional anniversary gifts. If you would like help creating the perfect gift give me a call and chat about creating a unique wedding dress illustration. 


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