Custom Wedding Dress Illustrations The best gifts are created with love, time and a little… imagination!

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Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm

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Ballynoe Grove, Bray

Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Irish artist and owner of Wedding Dress Ink, Audrey Vance, has happily continued to create fashion illustrations from her home studio throughout the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Audrey opened the doors of her Co. Wicklow studio, in 2013 offering to create unique & personalised wedding dress illustrations for all brides who loved their wedding day style.

Wedding Dress Ink is synonymous with high quality but also prioritises being environmentally-friendly. Audrey has chosen the best inks, pens and acid-free watercolour paper locally in Co. Wicklow. Where possible she sources suppliers locally too. The custom-designed gift wrapping paper is specially printed nearby in Bray, the custom frames are made in lovely Co. Cork and the bespoke shipping boxes are batch-made for her in Co. Dublin.

Each wedding dress illustration is lovingly made-to-order and is always a very special gift.

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How to Order The art of ordering in 3 simple steps

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Step One

Click on the custom wedding dress illustration and purchase


Step Two

When prompted, add 5 -10 photos of the bride in her wedding dress


Step Three

Your original wedding dress illustration will be lovingly created and shipped to you

Gift Vouchers

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When giving a gift it’s lovely to give a beautiful one. At Wedding Dress Ink we have a luxury boxed voucher that matches the luxury, custom illustrations we create. Each lace-embossed voucher is hand-finished with luxury ribbon. Each one is boxed in a black box with a simple white logo and is gift wrapped ready for presentation. 

Gift vouchers are valid for 5 years.

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Design Process How it’s done

Curious about the design process of these wedding dress illustrations?

The starting point for each illustration begins with good quality photos. Audrey requests several full-length angles of the wedding dress, along with close-ups of the dress detailing, bouquet, shoes and any neck jewellery.

Each illustration begins it’s life on tracing paper, where the proportions and detailing is all worked out. This is where Audrey works out the seams, boning, fall of the fabrics, small details and shading.

Once happy with the draft, the outline gets committed to high-quality watercolour paper. All the detailing is meticulously crafted with pen and ink. If Audrey has been commissioned to create an illustration from the Ink Painting Range then out come her finest paint brushes and a pot of Indian black ink for the three layers of background. 

Once mounted, each one is signed and embossed with the company seal ready for framing, gift wrapping and shipping worldwide.

To see the whole process in action please click on the RTE Nationwide TV clip.

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