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Design Process

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Curious about the design process of these bridal fashion illustrations?

I will admit that the first one created wasn’t quite the same as the fashion illustration style you now see! But everyone starts somewhere.

The year before launching was spent working on creating a more elegant, polished signature style, along with lots of night classes on business, social media, PR and fashion illustration.

The design process of each illustration really starts with good quality photos, showing several full-length angles of the wedding dress, along with close-ups of the dress detailing, bouquet, shoes and any neck jewellery.

Each illustration begins it’s life on tracing paper, where the proportions and detailing is all worked out, usually with several drafts. This is where I also work out the seams, boning, fall of the fabrics, small details and shading.

Once happy with the final draft, the outline gets committed to high-quality watercolour paper. All the detailing is meticulously crafted with pen and ink until it’s ready for the background. Out come my finest paint brushes and a pot of Indian black ink for the layering of a painted ink background. From the inky black background the white wedding dress illustration emerges, the details shining through clearer and cleared as the layers darken, allowing the dress to take centre stage.

Once mounted, each one is signed and embossed with the company seal ready for framing and shipping worldwide.

To see the process in action please click on the RTE Nationwide TV clip available on the website.


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