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At Wedding Dress Ink we welcome any questions you may have. Here are some frequently asked questions that have cropped up already. If you have any more… just ask!


What is a fashion illustration?

A fashion illustration from Wedding Dress Ink is a representative drawing that follows certain proportion rules that allows each dress to look it’s very best. Each dress is hand-drawn with pen and ink and then the backgrounds painted with layers of indian ink but to see the full creation process see our Design Process page.

How much?

Regardless of the wedding dress, the price remains the same for each one. A custom wedding dress sketch starts at €150. To see all the options and pricing simply visit the shop. Shipping, packaging and luxury gift-wrapping and is priced per country. 

Ireland & Northern Ireland: 1-2 days: €17.50 

UK:  3-4 days: €17.50 (unframed) or €37.50 (framed)

Mainland Europe: 3-4 days: €17.50 (unframed) or €49.50 (framed) 

USA & Australia: 5-7 days: €19.50 (unframed) or €59.50 (framed)

How can I make a payment?

All orders are processed through this e-commerce website by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cheque. An internationally renowned secure server has been used to keep all transactions safe and secure. The payment service chosen by Wedding Dress Ink was specifically chosen to make payments easy and we are proud to say it’s an Irish company called Stripe. If you have ANY feedback on how easy or difficult it is to make a payment we’d love to hear it. A significant investment was made to make this system as user friendly as possible.

How long does it take?

We aim to dispatch your customised illustration within 28-35 days from ordering. But please keep in mind that during busy times this may be longer so if you need your order super-quick for a special occasion it’s a good idea to get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help. Following dispatch, deliveries will depend on your location and more specific information can be found on the Ordering & Delivery page.

What if I’m in a hurry?

It’s always worth enquiring if Audrey can achieve your date. Gift vouchers are always a beautiful option and there’s even a specially designed printable gift voucher you can present immediately, while you wait for the one in the post.

How do I see what I’m getting before I get it?

Once each personalised wedding dress illustration is completed Audrey scans each one for her website records and also photographs them if she has time. Each customer is asked if they would like to get a sneak preview of the finished illustration. Seeing as the majority are bought as surprise gifts and and shipped fully gift-wrapped, not many have the will-power to wait ’til the painting is unwrapped… and I don’t blame them!

Who would I buy this for?

Audrey has created lots of anniversary surprises from romantic husbands, birthday gifts from loving parents and Christmas gifts from thoughtful bridesmaids. The first online purchase was from a girl who wished to give her wedding dress away to charity after 10 years. It’s a great gift for any girl who loves her wedding dress and to read more about other customers check out the What Customers Say page.

What kind of photos are needed?

High resolution images are best. Anything from 1 MB to 8MB each. However, it’s relevant to say that a selection that shows the dress at full-length and from a few angles is best. Important to include photos that highlight any details of the dress, necklace, bouquet and shoes. Take a look at the Photo Guide page for a visual guide.

What is the frame like?

It’s a beautifully made lime-painted, off-white wooden frame that was hand-picked to allow the black and white painting inside to shine. It’s also light in weight so keeps the shipping costs reasonable.

What about the gift wrapping?

Audrey ran a design competition in the summer of 2016 to have a modern yet feminine unique gift wrap paper designed especially for Wedding Dress Ink. Each one is then finished with a double-sided satin ribbon.

What are the shipping options?

In Ireland and Northern Ireland the over-night courier service is currently Fastway Couriers. For all international orders the postal service is used and it links with international postal services abroad. All orders are tracked.

How would I give this on a wedding day?

Perhaps you have access to the dress in advance and can take photos in time? Otherwise you can choose to give a beautifully designed gift voucher, lace-embossed and hand-finished with organza ribbon plus presented in smart box. Brides then get to choose their own favourite wedding day images and collaborate with Audrey directly.

Your brides look like they are all the same size, can this be right?

Nicely noticed! Naturally all brides are different sizes and shapes. Like probably every other bride I tried to lose a few pounds running up to my own wedding to feel my best, however I will never be a European size 6 with a Lara Croft bust size! As a fashion illustrator I take consideration of the dress and how the bride wore it one her day, not necessarily the size of the bride. All wedding dresses will be sized using my specific fashion proportions (as seen in my gallery) as this shows the dress off to it’s best. If a larger bride wishes to promote her curves please specifically say so, otherwise the design will follow my normal fashion illustration rules.


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