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How to Order Safe online ordering & tracked delivery. Lead-time is 2-4 weeks

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Open for business during Covid-19. Audrey works from her home studio and guarantees your deliver date. Orders are all placed online and delivered via a courier service in Ireland and tracked shipping world-wide.

It is SAFE and SPECIAL to order a fashion illustration from the Wedding Dress Ink studio for an upcoming anniversary, birthday or wedding.

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Step One

Click on the custom wedding dress illustration and purchase


Step Two

When prompted, add 5 -10 photos of the bride in her wedding dress


Step Three

Your original wedding dress illustration will be lovingly created and shipped to you

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Created using pen on watercolour paper, these distinctive fashion sketches capture the amazing details of a bride’s wedding day style. Each made-to-order sketch is highly detailed and includes the bouquet and shoes. The white background of the paper gives an elegant, crisp finish. CLICK on the IMAGES to see more…

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Three layers of black Indian ink are meticulously painted in the background allowing the wedding dress to almost ‘glow’ from the watercolour paper. Each made-to-order painting is highly detailed and includes the bouquet and shoes. CLICK on the IMAGES to see more…

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Gift Vouchers

€150 – €395
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