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Wedding Anniversary Gift

Did your wife LOVE her wedding dress?

Then the next wedding anniversary gift will be easy… with Wedding Dress Ink.

Autum Wedding Anniversary

“I gave my wife the illustration on our anniversary and to say it was well received would be a massive understatement. I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction, she absolutely loves it and I’ve been getting heaps of praise from everyone for giving her such a thoughtful gift. ” Liam – Co. Galway (1st anniversary surprise gift)

Give an amazing fashion illustration gift to your wife, it’s sentimental, thoughtful and unique.

   What’s involved you ask?

   Step 1. Pick a package €295 or €350 (framed)

   Step 2. Securely pay using credit/debit card or alternatively via bank transfer or cheque

   Step 3. Upload photographs showing the wedding dress.

   Step 4. Upon receipt show it off to all friends and family!

Do you know these illustrations have been given as wedding gifts to rugby players Jonathon Sexton and Peter Stringer, also to former Miss World Rosanna Davison and model/celebrity blogger Pippa O’Connor Ormond and ordered by ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Outta Here’ TV contestant/singer/model Nadia Forde.

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